The 9 ULTIMATE Reasons Why Al Baik Has And Always Will Have Your Back At Any Given Situation

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Oh, Al Baik. It's like the friend you've always wanted, and never thought you could find. Al Baik has been the go-to comfort food since the '70s because it's affordable, quick yet very consistent with its delicious and unique tastes. 

I guess we've all established that you'll always remember this food-chain, but here are reasons why it'll always have your back...

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1. No matter how long the queues or the wait for a new branch, eventually Al Baik doesn't disappoint

2. Their jumbo shrimps have the ability to brighten your day

3. It is the 'real deal'

And helps keep friendships in tact, evidently.

4. It makes a great addition to those summer days by the beach

5. They're consistent 

Taste, atmosphere and prices always remain constantly and consistently top-notch.

6. They even have Mother Earth's back

Al Baik puts in the effort to promote sustainability and power-saving by acclaiming Earth hour annually and asking customers to contribute.

7. It will always leave you on a budget 

You'll never feel like you splurged. No matter the amount you just ordered.

8. They can even make the best phone covers

Oh yeah.

9. They treat everyone like family- including you

Al Baik isn't just a fast-food chain, it's a lifestyle, and part of the Saudi culture that always reminds you of that 'family nostalgia'Al Baik itself celebrates their staff members loyalty with value and respect. 

What more do ya need?

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