The 7 Ramadan Foodie Essentials We All Can't Live Without

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Ramadan is the perfect time to be in Saudi Arabia, the proximity to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah is just one prominent example of this. The other thing is, well, the food. 

The holy month of Ramadan is the best time to gobble on all your favourite dishes and snacks (after Iftar, of course). True, you can enjoy your Vimto anytime, however; there's no greater taste than having it during Ramadan. If you know, you know.

And so, since we're feeling a little nostalgic today- let's take you back to those Ramadan essentials every household will stock up on. No complaints here. Enjoy.

(Note: This will most probably apply to other GCC countries too)

1. Vimto

As previously mentioned, this carbonated drink is a staple in any household. Not only do their bottles give you MAJOR nostalgia, the succulent taste adds to your tastebuds. Vimto has become such a huge part of the Khaleeji culture, it would be hard to let go now. 

Even if you tried.

2. Luqaymat 

You already know boxes of this will be places in every supermarket's 'Ramadan Specials' section. Luqaymat is really the perfect combo of dough and syrup, in its most majestic sense. 

It was the favourite of the child you, and now the child in you.

3. Dates 

Usually the first element of breaking one's fast, what would we do without these?

4. Kunafa 

5. Tea and Biscuits

The ultimate cool-down after the chow-down! But also another great excuse to continue snacking on sweets and biscuits while watching that MBC commercial. 

6. Gahwa 

The Arabic coffee, love it or hate it. It will be there. In fancy decorum too.

7. Samboosa 

A MUST-HAVE, I repeat, a must-have!

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