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The 7 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Our Mood Once We’ve Had Our Morning Coffee

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There’s nothing like a good ol’ cup of Joe in the morning (or anytime after waking up, really) that can kickstart one’s day. 

Here’s a few expressions of those feelings, right after a sip of your caffeine:

1. The anticipation, build-up and courage to take the sip

When you think to yourself, “Whatever my mood is today, it will soon feel a little better after this coffee.” 

But anything before that sip, pretty much goes like this:

Giphy 9

2. When you’re almost done with your cup and you get caught up in your feelings

Giphy 10

3. When you start to feel like you can now do anything and everything

Energy boost on a 1002873!

Giphy 13

4. Already thinking about your next cup and when you should have it next

Giphy 15

5.The alertness you get when working after that coffee

Call it a placebo effect, call it true- either way, it’s got us focused.

Giphy 16

6. When you imagine how good a warm cup of coffee would feel and taste after a heavy meal but have to wait at least 30 mins to an hour 

Giphy 17

7. Regretting having that last cup at 11pm because you’re up until 5AM but also…

Not really 

Giphy 18

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