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6 Saudi Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

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Keychains, fridge magnets and postcards may well be a thing of the past. Sometimes they get left behind, unused or even forgotten. So if you’re in Saudi for vacation or just want to bring back home some good Arabian goods from the city, why not try these ones?

These six souvenir ideas are sure to leave an imprint on your loved one’s minds:

1. Camel Milk

Camel milk products are a specialty in Arabia. You have not truly experience the Middle East if you haven’t tried the creamy goodness that is Camel Milk chocolate, available in an assortment of flavours like whole milk, cocoa, dates and Arabian spices that taste oh so exotic. 

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2. Daggers

Daggers with a curved edged named Khanjars, tjat were carried by leaders in history, are an integral part of Arabian bedouin heritage. Skilfully crafted in real silver or gold, these beautiful instruments are sometimes embellished with pearls or gold plated designs – a truly extraordinary souvenir representing Saudi culture.

We’re not sure if it’s possible to bring these along your luggage, haha but they’re definitely worthy to see and feel for yourself before leaving the city.

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3. Oud Perfume and Oil

The famous stories of the Arabian nights forever invoke a sense of mystery surrounding Arabian culture. And what better way to accentuate this culture than with the foreign but amazing scent of oud. 

They usually come in different notes, ingredients and bottles- with some good ones from the local souk or high-end options for our bad and bougies.

4. Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is a form of art unlike any other. Purchase a delicate gold or silver necklace with your name as a pendant, and written in Arabic calligraphy that is as striking as it is alluring. A perfect gift for a loved one or friend.

Souq KSA has offers on these type of necklaces. How adorbs.

5. The Abaya 

An abaya is a long, usually black, gown worn over your clothes, traditionally to cover a woman’s form from the public, according to Arabian culture . The gowns are designed in exquisite shape and detail, tailored to your specific taste and style. Women, this is a souvenir that you can never go wrong with – wearable for a gala or even a lazy day out to the mall.

If it’s a little too traditional for you, there’s these abaya-like kimonos, perfect to wear on any occasion with whatever ensemble. 

(They deliver to KSA too)


Saudi is the land of dates- you don’t just get to pick one, there’s a variety of flavors, believe it or not. Best paired with gahwa or any type of tea, this would make for such a cultural present to someone. Cus you get to give that person an experience of what you tasted in the Kingdom. 

Why not?

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