The #10YearChallenge Instagram Challenge Has Caught On With Insta Celebs Sharing Their HILARIOUS Posts

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Everyone loves seeing a before-and-after, they're quite interesting, giving one a look back at how we carried, wore and lived trends from years back and seeing its comparison to your current look.

Hence the ever-growing amount of the #10YearChallenge posts we've all been seeing on Instagram in the last two days.

Forget the #InMyFeelings challenge or doing the 'kiki' dance, this one's one for the nostalgia and Saudi's notable Instagram comedians and influencers have joined in on the fun.

Check out their adorably hilarious posts below:

(Image Credits: IG @omr94 & @6ar8o)

Tareq Al Harbi defo took us back (waaay back)

Mirror selfies back in '09, those were the days.

But who could really top this comedian's 10-year transformation?

Ibraheem Alkhairallah's yoghurt to present challenge photo could have easily broken Saudi IG today. Major LOLS.

Mohammed Al-Attas did not shy from sharing this sweet before-and-after

The resemblance is uncanny

TV presenter Faisal Al-Ahmari expressed regret over having lost his ex-physique

Captioning it as "weightlifting days," followed by a sad-face emoji.

We feel you.

But like Omar Farooq's sentiment on his#10yearchallenge...

We're all "still crazy, still wild and still passionate."