10 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's Royal Tour

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Saudi's Crown Prince, HRH Mohammed Bin Salman, was on a royal tour of the US, UK, France and Spain recently.

Saudi Arabia signed major deals with all three countries during the trip

And the trip created plenty of media buzz all around - for the right reasons too - because a LOT happened.

Here are 10 major events from the crown prince's royal tour:

1. When he met the former US presidents

2. When he met all the big names of tech at silicon valley

3. When he visited the families affected by Hurricane Harvey

4. So many business deals were signed

5. When he visited Aramco's center in Houston and took a picture with the team

6. This amazing ad in the UK

7. His grand welcome in Paris

8. When he and Macros were just best buddies

9. So many business dealsss

10. His warm welcome in Spain