Saudi Women Show Glorious Unification As They Clapped Back At The "You Won't Drive" Trending Hashtag

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June 24 marks the date when women will finally be able to drive in the Kingdom, just a few shy weeks from now. Saudi Twitter surprised us when a hashtag saying  'You won't drive' started trending, circulating and creating limitless reactions from both men and women. 

A few hilarious and very strong comebacks were made, of course, by Saudi women- proving once again the unity and strength for them to speak out on the matter.

"You wont't drive, you won't drive"

The hashtag #لن_تقودي_لن_تقودي translating to "You won't drive, you won't drive" was the hashtag that ignited some of the best, sarcastic clap backs from women all over the Kingdom.

She said it!

Girl power was clearly evident amongst the female Tweeps

Nothing can stop them

"You all can keep crying. In a few months, the streets will be filled with women driving freely..."

What better way to respond than by showing pride for your up-and-coming new vehicle 

Go Amber! 

This user, on the other hand, shared a completely random viewpoint 

Or even topic, really. But, the nonchalance is admirable. After all, women in Saudi will still drive by June 24th and we couldn't be more happy for them. 

The mood tweets were intact..

Several of them, in fact, very hilarious.

A few of the men took part in going against the hashtag too...

"I love seeing my country moving forward."

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