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Saudi Cinema: A List Of Where You Can Now Go For A Movie With Family And Friends

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Cinemas have returned to Saudi Arabia and although the process of waiting for the entire Kingdom to be filled with theatre options is nil as of yet… there’s a couple that have opened up that might just be in your area.

More than six months ago, the American-owned AMC Theatres launched the Kingdom’s first cinema in the country- even playing Black Panther as it choice for the first international film.

Many loved it, loved the experience and now the rest of the country anxiously awaits the opening of other theaters around big and small cities in Saudi Arabia.

Many announcements have been made and more are expected to open up within the next few years, but for now, let’s look at the options we have:

1. AMC Theatres, Riyadh

AMC, being Saudi’s first cinema theatre top open after the 35-year ban, won’t stay in Riyadh alone. It plans to expand and open up more than 40 more cinemas around the Kingdom within the next five years.

Location: KAFD Conference Centre, Al Aqiq, Riyadh 13511

2. VOX Cinemas, Riyadh

Being the second ever theatre-company to open up a cinema in Saudi, VOX is well-known around the region for its luxurious standards and enjoyable screenings.

There’s currently IMAX available at the Riyadh Park mall with a family-only and males-only section to ensure everyone’s at ease and has choices.

Location: Riyadh Park Mall

3. VOX Cinemas in Al Qasr Mall (soon-to-open)

Anagreement to open a fifteen-screen multiplex at the Al-Qasr Mall in Riyadh was just signed by UAE’s Majjid Al Futtaim and Dar Al Arkan. It is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2019 (pretty soon)!

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