A Saudi Adventurer Has Begun His Journey To Climb The Highest Peak Of The South Pole

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A Saudi adventurer Badr Al-Shibani is currently climbing Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica.

Vinson Massif is a large mountain massif in Antarctica that is 21 km long and 13 km wide

Al Shibani will be facing temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius below zero.

He is sponsored by the General Sports Authority and the Saudi Climbing Authority.

The climb is part of the Seven Summits challenge, which involves reaching the highest mountains on each of the seven continents

Al-Shibani said he is determined to challenge 100 young Saudi men to climb one of the Seven Summits in 2019.

Al Shibani hopes to inspire at least 100 Saudi men to climb one of the seven summits this year.

But Saudi women aren't behind when it comes to conquering the world's peaks.

Raha Moharrak has become the first Saudi woman to scale the seven summits.

Earlier in 2018, Mariam Hamed Fardous became the first Saudi to ski over 100 km in treacherous conditions to reach the North Pole.