More Than Half A Million People Visited Bahrain This Week And The Twitter Reaction To It Is Kinda Hilarious

Bahrain Crowded With Saudis

In the last five days, more than half a million Saudi residents drove over the King Fahad Causeway to Bahrain and it has resulted in a bit of a humorous sticky situation.

Bahrain, the neighboring Eastern island, a mere 45-minute drive from Khobar has been a favorite weekend getaway for a lot of Saudis for years now.

And of course, since the same week of New Year's Eve fell upon the same week that Saudi schools announced an extended holiday- we kinda saw this overcrowding coming.

Mind you, Bahrain's population goes a little beyond a million

So this was quite a bit to take on.

Reports even say that Bahrain received more Saudi visitors through the bridge in the last five days than EVER.

But the Saudi reaction to the news was comedic at best

Prayers for the bridge's wellbeing were made

'May God save the bridge'

Others thought up entrepreneurial ideas for the island

'For those who open their projects in Bahrain, they’ll be businessmen through one year'

"More than Bahrain's population"

Okay, although not entirely true, Bahrain's population is estimated at around 1.6 million peeps but this one's hilarz.

'Is there oxygen there?

Were you one of Bahrain's visitors in the last five days?

It's all love between the two nations.