Here’s How You Can Actually Book Tickets On The Haramain Railway


The question of how to get tickets on the Haramain Railway comes up a lot, so we thought of why not helping you with just that.

If you Google “haramain railway ticket” chances are that you are getting search results that are quite similar to the one posted below.


Now, this one here has HHR retail as the first result that actually has nothing to do with train tickets. And, that’s perhaps why a lot of people remain confused about where to actually get the tickets.

We tell you how.

The simplest way to get the ticket is online.

You see Saudi Arabia has a number of railway lines each with its own portal, the Haramain Railway too has its own portal.

You can log on to its website, to buy the tickets

You may also wonder why isn’t it showing any results for the day that you want to travel. Now, this is most likely because the train at the moment doesn’t run on a daily basis. It runs only on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 40 trips between them.

Once you are on the right portal it is pretty easy to navigate, book and check out.

The price of a one-way ticket from Makkah to Madinah costs 157.5 SAR

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