The Definitive List Of All The BIG Changes Happening Within Saudi's Entertainment Sector In 2019

Aside from more Hollywood celebs, a new Madame Tussauds and outdoor cinemas.

Gea Plans 2019 Saudi

Prepare to be shaken to your core because Saudi will witness engaging and entertaining changes this year, all thanks to the General Entertainment Authority's newest CEO Turki al-Shaikh.

Following a media presentation on Tuesday, al-Shaikh revealed bits and pieces from the Kingdom's 2019 plans.

There's A LOT to look forward to, btw. Just you wait.

1. Outdoor cinemas have already come to Saudi

While indoor cinemas have yet to open up in other parts of the Kingdom, except for Riyadh and Jeddah, currently, though, Saudi Projects announced that Luna cinema would soon launch providing audiences with the chance to enjoy a movie moment outdoors

No further details on its location, prices or logistics have been detailed yet but you know we got you (as soon as it's out.)

2. Restaurants and cafès will be allowed to host musical events

Folks, this means you'll now get to enjoy a live performance at a restaurant or café because the General Entertainment Authority's President Turki al-Shaikh has announced that the GEA will grans licenses to establishments who wish to have live musical performances stand-up comedy shows and even magic tricks.

And people thought magic was banned in the Kingdom, eh? La baba, la

3. Everyone's favorite Transformers character will finally come to life

Transformers will SOON be brought to life, in an undisclosed location in Saudi, through a theme park dedicated to the Transformers movies.

4. We're getting our own Madame Tussauds complete with a King Faisal wax statue and everything

*snaps fingers in pride*

5. Competitions will run through the month of Ramadan

Don't get the wrong idea though because this competition will be closely watched by Islamic scholars.

The three proposed competitions will be:

  • The recitation of the Holy Qur'an: whomever recites it the most beautifully, and we mean ANY Muslim from around the world, can win up to SAR5 million.
  • Athan (call for prayer): Whomever wins the athan portion of the competition not only wins a sum of SAR 2 million but can also raise the athan in the Prophet's Holy Mosque. Masha Allah.
  • Hijra Journey contest: Muslims around the world will be required to walk between Makkah and Madinah to reenact the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s journey of migration. Al-Shaikh announced a SAR1 million cash prize for the participants who do this.

6. A solution to the 'drifting' craze in Saudi has been put in place

Since the car drifting craze is such a favored activity in Saudi, the General Entertainment Authority has finally put a smart plan to revert its otherwise negative outcomes.

So now it's set to become an organised activity where peeps can drift safely, further away from public streets and areas.

7. A whole list of comedians, both international and regional, are scheduled to perform in Saudi

Gabriel Iglesias, Dave Chapelle, Trevor Noah, Seth Rogen, Al Zaeem AND so many more hilarious talents are scheduled for live stand-up performances.

Saudi sounds like the new Dubai, right about now.

8. Jay Z and DJ Khaled will be one of the biggest acts coming to the Kingdom in 2019

You best believe it.

The GEA's officials are currently under negotiation for long-term contracts with over 100 local and international partners.

Jay Z and DJ Khaled are amongst that incredible line-up.

9. Soccer fans could see David Beckham or Zinedine Zidane in the next coming months

Of course, football wasn't going to be left out of the equation.

GEA promises to bring more exhibition matches that will have football legends like Beckham and Zidane come to the Kingdom.

Basketball lovers are also in for a treat since NBA championship basketball games are proposed to come.

10. An initiative will honor creatives who have added to the Saudi culture (writers, poets, artists, singers)


Each artist that has included and showcased the beauty of the Saudi culture will get to have a hologram concert held in tribute of them.

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