Egyptian Singer Tamer Hosny Is Coming To Saudi Arabia And Saudi Tweeps Are Actually Furious

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Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny is going to perform in Saudi Arabia on March 30, this was announced via his official Instagram account on Sunday. However, many people seemingly do not approve of his arrival to the Kingdom as many tweeps shared on a trending hashtag relating to his concert.

Tamer Hosny announced his arrival to the Kingdom next month 

“Stay tuned for the 30th of March, I will have my first concert in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I am very honored with this opportunity. It is going to take place in King Abdullah Economic City.”

And Saudi tweeps' response to it was almost a little too brutal

“I pray to god that he takes revenge on whoever decided we need entertainment, I pray they get god’s torture”

“I always hoped Saudi would develop in areas of intellect, not dancing and singing. How about we focus on the minds of the younger generation who are in work shops and courses”

“The same day we will be praying for rain, we will have a concert! I hope god has mercy on us..”

'Artists have been coming here for 20 years'

Other people don't see what's wrong with Tamer Hosny's visit, seeing as multiple artists have visited the Kingdom in the last decade. 

" I don’t understand how some people think, other artists have been coming here for 20 years and when it’s tamer hosni it’s suddenly wrong? It’s the same thing”

“Girls, can’t image he’s coming here for a concert!”

“The Egyptian star is more than welcome in our kingdom”

Hosny announced that his first concert in the Kingdom would take place in Jeddah at the King Abdullah Economic City, although it has not been announced or confirmed by any Saudi-based organisations or the General Entertainment Authority. 

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