Careem Is Employing People With Disabilities And Everyone Is LOVING It

Careem Ksa

A user of the car-hailing app Careem didn't fail to thank the company for giving everyone the chance to work and provide for their families.

Memi Khider tweeted about her lovely experience with a hearing-impaired Careem Captain, even adding that communication was simplified through use of a blackboard that had been provided or text.

(Image Credits: Twitter @TalaKheder and IG @careemksa)

There are no limitations for those with disabilities

It's pretty great to see a company step up and really be inclusive with whom they hire.

Naturally, Twitter Peeps absolutely gushed over this

'There are no challenges that could try to prevent us from trying and working.'

'Careem is doing a good job!'

Careem is humorous in how they ask passengers to behave too

In recent weeks, Careem KSA has released a couple of videos trying to tell passengers what is and isn't allowed to do inside a car.

You'd think a video pointing out the obvious ways of etiquette would annoy you but the brand managed to do it tastefully- and it's super funny too.

Rule #1: No smoking inside a Careem car

Rule #2 Don't make your Careem car wait too long

...and having attitude too, for that matter. Or book in your driver at a time that's most convenient for you, a time when you've already completed everything.


Rule #3 ALWAYS bring cash

Especially if your card isn't registered on the app