6 SOLID Ways The Absher App Has Changed Saudi Residents' Lives For The Better

Thank u (waiting in queues), next

Absher App

The new year means taking the time in appreciating all the good that has endowed our lives with ease, and the Ministry of Interior's Absher app has been the highlight of that.

Apart from ensuring that we never wait in long queues for hours, there's so much more to the digital spectrum and this app to be thankful for.

Absher cheekily shared their very own #10YearChallenge on Twitter, and we can't deny just how right they are.

1. Never having to worry about your English or Arabic skills again

Well, not to an extent anyway.

The Absher app is so considerate to both its residents and expats that the website and app are in both languages.

Gone are the days when you'd have to prep a few words just to get by when processing some paperwork.

2. Passport appointments have never been easier

Any and all passport-related appointments can now be booked through Absher.

Thank you, sincerely.

3. Asking questions won't doesn't mean receiving a response within a few days time or a lengthy phone call

Since the app has an open portal allowing people to ask questions, it also tells you when the response will be received.

But what we most admire about Absher is the rapidity of whomever is in charge of its Twitter account.

Low-key hero.

4. Or, like this guy, you get to double-check your parking fines

Did I or did I not?

5. And if you so happen to lose any form of identification, your buddy Absher's got yo back

Reporting a lost or stolen identification document and requesting for new ones is easy peasy

6. Last but not least, it saves you time, petrol and energy

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