A Video Of A Kid Using Camel Urine While Speaking Of Its Benefits Is Making Rounds On Social Media

Do NOT try this at home.

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A peculiar video has been retweeted by Imam based in Washington DC on Twitter on Wednesday and has since received more than 20,000 views. The video shows a young Saudi boy recording himself making use of a camel's urine as a sort-of 'hair treatment'. 

In the video, he says that one of camel urine's benefits is to 'remove dandruff and keep the hair silky'

Naturally, people's reactions on Twitter contained of surprise

...and lots of confusion.

But some took time to listen to the mentioned benefits

Others weren't susceptible to the idea 

Not even one bit

While the chill ones suggested various other options

Then there's the unaffected Tweeps

Just in awe of the newfound information shared.

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Shereen Ahmed

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