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A Song About A Saudi Guy’s Weight And His Love For Eating Burgers Has A Million Hits On YouTube

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You go through YouTube’s trending page for Saudi Arabia and you’re bound to see the greatest, funniest and sometimes strangest things. Over the last week, a new singing sensation received more than a million hits for a song about his weight. 

The song, ‘Ana Dob’ (literal ‘I Am Fat’) talks about his weight and him being proud of it, oh and his love for burgers. 

Saudi youth truly liven social media’s atmosphere 

Although the compositions of the song shouldn’t be taken seriously, the meaning behind it a good one- positive reinforcement of one’s body. The singer has even amassed over 800k followers on Instagram following the release of his song online. 

This kind of reminds us a little of the ‘Samouly’ singer 

You know, the kid who sang a song about his love for bread and even performed for his fans in Dubai. 

Perhaps a duet between the two in the future? Or a collaboration? Hmm..

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