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A Saudi Man Celebrated The Return Of Their Family Driver And It Melt The Hearts Of Many Residents

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A photo of a Saudi man welcoming back his family driver has circulated online, and residents are all praise for this local’s actions. It’s no surprise that with the number of domestic workers in the Kingdom, sometimes working for years with one family that they end up being part of those families as well. 

This isn’t a non-common situation as nannies and expats have been helping raise families across the region for a long time now. However, appreciation and gratitude for these humble workers have been a recurring theme in the Gulf recently, and we can’t say we hate it. 

After all, these people deserve to be recognised for their hard work

This video is just a good example of taking care of our extended families through such gestures.

Residents were in awe over the sweetness of the action

“A respectable and rare act. The majority don’t care about others feelings.”

“This is a time of surprises.”

Some people got a little side-tracked by something

“The photo”

“The picture on the cake is all a story on itself.”


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