A Photo Of Rihanna And Saudi's Hassan Jameel Has Gone Viral And The Peoples' Captions Of It Are Hilarious

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Photos of Saudi's Hasan Jameel, more popularly known on the web as #SaudiBae, and Rihanna have circulated, and people have taken to their creative sides, writing captions for it.

Viral photos showing the couple in an apparent argument have created a frenzy amongst the youth of Twitter. The two were recently spotted in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico on Friday, which negates the break-up rumours that have spiralled just a few months ago.

The photos show a bunch of hand gestures from both individuals, with 29-year-old Jameel in a seemingly explanatory body posture.

The photos have now taken an interesting turn

...as it has been officially meme-ified.

(Not a word, but we'll coin it!)

The captions are absolutely hilarious
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"What I do?"

Major LOLS

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The rhyme schemes took place too

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The Rihanna sentiments started pouring in too


"I love you, but I am going to have to continue my studies before marrying you"

This one wins.

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