A Man Was Slapped Randomly At The Grand Mosque In Makkah And People Are Seriously Questioning Why

Respect should be maintained at all times in holy sites.

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In a video that has gone completely viral all over the Kingdom, a man was seen being slapped by another pilgrim walking past him at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. No reasons for the random act has been confirmed yet but many took to the internet to extend their individual theories on the matter.

A lot of people also resented the act, seeing as it was done also at a holy site, reports The Khaleej Times.

The video was uploaded on Snapchat by the person who shot it

After seeing the response from the video, originally intended just for Snapchat, it was then shared on Twitter. Many people were angered about the act, deeming it totally uncalled for- no matter the case.

Many speculations were drawn

Like, a lot.

"I think it was because he was using his phone. But that's still not enough of a reason to lay your hand on someone else."

A lot of people seemed to believe it might have been a parent-child situation

But overall response was that it shouldn't have been done either way

Especially not at the holy site of Makkah.

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