A Local Company Earned A Well-Deserved Ranking For Being 'The Most Positively Discussed' Brand In Saudi

The brand is a hit with the youngsters of the Kingdom.

Saudia Airlines

And the winner of the most positively talked about brand in Saudi goes to...

Okay, all jokes aside, although no awarding of sorts has actually taken place, YouGov has really gained widespread popularity for its thorough and interesting list of rankings.

Behold, Saudia Airlines, has earned its rightful spot at this year's (2018) most positively talked about brand among millennials in the Kingdom by YouGov's survey.

(Image Credits: Instagram/ @saudi_airlines)

The measure of these rankings took 52 weeks and is based on the 'Word of Mouth' metric

The way this particular ranking took place was reportedly through the word-of-mouth metric. Sounds suggestive, no?

However, this includes online, in person or through social media discussions. Consumers aged between 18-34 were asked about the brands, with questions filtered in a positive manner.

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Saudia outranked Apple (who was on the top of the same list last year)

According to YouGov, the local airline's best efforts have paid off after outranking the number one spot out of Apple.

Al Baik, another HUGE local brand, also moved up its rank on the list

Favorite fast-food choice, Al Baik, is already a well-loved brand due to their incredibly delicious yet fairly-priced meals. But the brand's efforts in the last year sure paid off, moving their spot from the ninth position (last year) to the sixth.

What a jump!

The dairy company Almarai and popular real estate group Bin Laden have just emerged within the annual rankings- in the ninth and tenth spot.

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