A BREATHTAKING Island In Saudi Is Expected To Be Flocked With Visitors This Year

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The fresh new Kodombul Island right on the Saudi coast will probably change our summer holiday 'break destinations'. Located in the Asir region is the beautiful island that is set to boost the Kingdom's tourism with its scenic views, reports Al Arabiya.

The island will be a great new spot for diving and fishing enthusiasts

Kodumbul is a three-square-kilometre space that has white sandy beaches all around those three sides. A tall mountain can be seen on the western side making it a definite Insta-worthy destination for travelers.

Think Egypt's Dahab but untouched, and in Saudi.

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Visitors to the island can access within 30 minutes by boat 

isitors to the island can access it in 30 minutes by boat and see the calm beaches and clear waters, where swimming and diving enthusiasts usually practice their favorite sport, as well as being the preferred destination for falcons who land at the top of Mount Kodumbul after their arduous migration from the Horn of Africa.

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Falcons even land at the top of the Mount Kodumbul after their migration from Africa 

How beautiful would that be to see?

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