8 Of Saudi's Most INSPIRING Entrepreneurs Who Are Truly Paving The Future

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Saudi Arabia has become such a business hub, especially in recent years. According to a report done through a study, the number of funds, co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators and entrepreneurship support organisations have grown TRIPLE in size.

There were only 13 between 2006 and 2010, then went up to 36 between 2011 and 2015. And well for today, we can only guess how much higher it's gone. And this is no hidden feat for the Kingdom, all thanks to the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

A lot of successful businesses have come as a result of Saudi's tremendous support for them and here are just a couple of the entrepreneurs who have done well for themselves:

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1. Abdulaziz Aljouf - Founder and CEO of Paytabs

Abdulaziz is a Bahrain-based Saudi entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of PayTabs, a payment processing company with a total of $20M in investment. Abdulaziz and Paytabs have received many accolades and awards.

He figured on the cover of Arabian Business and was featured in a major interview in June 2018

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2. Abdulla Elyas – Co-Founder and CPO of Careem

Abdulla is one of the founders of Careem, a transportation network company worth $1.2B. He has over 10 years of professional experience in managing and consulting of software projects gained at multinational companies such as Mercedes Benz, SAP AG and the World Exhibition Expo 2000.

Abdulla initially founded the startup Enwani that was later acquired by Careem and he joined the Careem team as Co-Founder.

Forbes Magazine declared Careem to be the biggest car hailing App and the fastest growing technology company in the Middle East.

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3. Ahmad Alzaini - Co-Founder and CEO of Foodics

Ahmad is the co-founder and current CEO of Foodics, a POS cloud-based technology, and has founded 2 other startups specializing in information technology.

He has been featured on the cover of Forbes Middle East following Foodics’ round of funding of $4M.

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4. Ahmed AlBader - Co-Founder and CEO of Sihatech

Ahmed is the co-founder and current CEO of Sihatech. He has 19 years of hands-on experience in various fields for he is a former advisor for Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and an advisor for King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue (KACND) and other private public and private institutions.

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5. Ammar Waganah - CEO of Dokkan Afkar

Ammar is the CEO of Dokkan Afkar, an online shopping website with $2M investment raised.

He has experience in ecommerce, marketing planning and communications, branding strategy, product development, social media, insight mining, and digital marketing gained while working at Unilever and TBWA Saudi Arabia.

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6. Hatem Kameli - Founder of iCLICK, Resal, and Lucidya

Hatem is a digital marketing expert and tech entrepreneur who founded more than 5 tech startups in the past 12 years including iCLICK, a digital consulting agency; Lucidya, AI-powered social media analytics and intelligence; and Resal, a fast-growing gifting platform in MENA.

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7. Osama M. Ashri – Founder of Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Osama is the founder of Saudi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem which is a dynamic platform that harnesses the collective efforts of various stakeholders towards fostering entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Concurrently, Osama is a Board Member at Wadi Makkah with previous experience strategy development and various institutions.

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8. Zain-Alabdin Tawfiq - Founder and CEO of Sarahah

Zain is the CEO and Founder of Sarahah, a social networking service.

He worked at Saudi Aramco as a financial and manpower planning analyst and focused on making Saudi Aramco IPO-ready.

All of the inspiring entrepreneurs mentioned above will be attending the ArabNet conference in Riyadh next week:

The ArabNet 2018's 'Rise of the Kingdom' conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadhwill take place from December 12-13th, 2018.

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