6 Things To Know About The MIND-BLOWING Winter Festival Happening In The Middle Of Al Ula's Desert

...and why everyone's been obsessing over it.

Winter At Tantota

Surely you've been hearing about the amazing makeshift concert hall/art called Maraya hosting a festival taking place in the middle of Saudi's deserts.

Winter At Tantora is the first festival of its kind in the Kingdom and the first time in a while that the historic Al Ula is open to visitors during maintenance.

Influencers, celebs and international artists have attended several events organised for different days, and it's been an incredible show of how hard the Entertainment Authority has been working towards the Vision 2030 goals. One of which is to boost the Kingdom's entertainment sector and depend less on oil exports for economic prosperity.

(Image Credits: Instagram @blueabaya and @jo0sef)

A STUNNING makeshift hall has been set in place surrounding Al Ula's natural sights

Hosted by the residents of Al-Ula, the festival has been running from the 20th December 2018 and will continue until the 9th February 2019.

An entire month left for those who've yet to witness the magnitude of this experience.

Themed events are currently taking place every weekend

From the celebrations of the winter planting season, cultural events, a Fursan horse-riding experience and live musical performances.

Singers Mohammed Abdo, Majida El Roumi and renowned violinist Renaud Capucon have already performed at the festival

Italian singer Andrea Bocelli and Yanni are the headliners for upcoming events at the festival, this coming February.

Violinist Renaud Capuçon was so enamored by Al Ula's beauty

He even tweeted his majestic towering views of the mountains from a helicopter

Maraya has incredible views of the landmarks enveloping the desert from inside

And it's oh-so-beautiful.

When modernity meets culture.

On some weekends, visitors get to gaze the fruitful artworks of Saudi artists

Like this...

There are options for tours to see the best sights of Al Ula

Complete with a local tour guide and photos of their guests at each iconic landmark.

How dreamy is this place?

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