6 Things Everyone Who Lives In Sharqiyah Must Do At Least ONCE

Sharqiyah Things To Do

Sharqiyah being the largest province in Saudi by area means there's heaps of different places to discover.

Check out some of these must-dos if you find yourself in Sharqiyah (ever-so-casually) or if you live there.

1. Take photos by the graffiti and support the Saudi street art movement

This an be found on Aqair street and 7th in Khobar.

2. Check out the Taybeen Museum

Head to the Taybeen museum and relive your nostalgia. This place is where pop art truly comes to life, a hidden gem that should be more discovered.

3. Have some karak or hot tea at any of the corniche

The go-to for night wanderers, having your karak chai by the sea (or even from sitting in your car) can sometimes be the most relaxing thing.

4. Have some traditional lunch and check out the Kingdom's culture at the Al Khobar Traditional Village

5. Have some coffee with a view of the sea at the Sunroom

Seaside view, breakfast goals and pretend travel piccies for the gram= a day out of the week sorted.

6. Visit Ithra (King Abdulaziz Centre) and be enthralled by their art, literature and science displays

Many say it's a shame not a lot of people, even Sharqawees know of the place. A great spot to check out local works in literature, art and more.

Not to mention, how aesthetic it all looks not just outside but in too.

You may get a ticket pass through their website: http://www.kingabdulazizcenter...

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