5 Ways Living In Riyadh Trumps Living Anywhere Else In Saudi

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Riyadh is the powerhouse of the Kingdom, the capital city is a prime example of tradition meeting culture.

Of course, we have MAD love for Saudi's other major cities but let's be honest- there's nothing like that Riyadh life.

If you've lived here, you know.

Here are just a couple of reasons that make Riyadh the preferred choice of so many:

1. We may not have Al Baik, but by golly, we have EVERYTHING else

From out-of-this-world shawarmas, high-end international restaurants, Nozomi (wink), endless food trucks and cheap thrill options- doesn't leave much time for us to worry about the lack of Al Baik.

Plus, it's coming to Riyadh soon which means the FOODIE scene in the capital city is about to get EVEN better.

2. There are far more university options for students in Riyadh

Since we've got the renowned all-female Princess Nourah University, King Saud, Prince Sultan and endless other options for a variety of educational fields.

3. You can't ever get enough of the modern and eclectic infrastructure

..and high-rise towers.

It's that city feeling that is both refreshing, fast-paced yet somehow calm all at the same time.

4. It's the perfect blend of past meets present

Witnessing Riyadh in its daily routine and continual progress is a great testament to how far Saudi Arabia has come.

From sands to towers, and growing job opportunities (since it is home to the financial district) and allowing its expatriate community to experience its culture while welcoming the introduction of new traditions.

5. In whatever case, the weather is never constant and that's a good thing

When it's hot, it's REALLY hot but when it's cold, it's freezing.

Thanks to Riyadh's set-up, being dab smack in the middle of Saudi Arabia, the weather is always on the extreme. Barely in the middle.

We see this as a positive, however; since you'll get to wear both your summer and winter clothing and never be bored due to the temperature's spontaneity.