6 Events In Saudi To Look Forward To This Week


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We've rounded up some of the best events from Jeddah, Riyadh, Al Ahsa and Khobar for you and friends to check out this week:

1. The Little Paris, Jeddah, 14-17 March 

Basically, experience a "little Paris" in the city of Jeddah that will include street lights, shopping, dining, game,s live shows, music and everything Parisienne.

When? March 14- 17, 2018 from 5pm to 12am 

Where? Le Prestige Mall

2. Saudi Wonders, Al Ahsa, 15-23 March 

"A unique tour and event and a destination for creativity for young people, families, businessmen and others. It creates a gathering and a platform for communication and interaction through sharing the latest updates, innovative ideas, and cultural services and products. Our passion is to have an annual event through a special tour of several Saudi cities, with notable success partners to highlight and promote the rich and distinctive Saudi culture from one city or region to another, exploring the wonders of Saudi Arabia and its exceptional history."


When? March 15-23, 2018 from 4-11pm

Where? Al Rashid Town Square 

Tickets: Can be bought from their website.

3. Spirit Of The Dance, Jeddah, 15-16 March

A group of renowned Irish dancers called "Spirit Of The Dance" has performed and been watched more than 30 million people globally, with box office records in over 20 countries. 

When? March 15-16, 2018 from 9-11pm

Where? King Abdullah Economic City

Tickets: Can be bought online.

4. Mafia Theatrical Show, Riyadh, 15-17 March

Your very own stuck-in-a-deserted-island due to a boat issue comedy show has arrived to Riyadh. This is a theatrical comedy show that will feature prominent young actors like Tareq Al Harbi, Mubarak Al Manea, Mohammed Al Hamali and more.

When? March 15-17, from 8- 9.30pm

Where? King Fahad Cultural Center, Riyadh

Tickets: Can be bought online.

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5. Dreamland, Khobar, 19-24 March 

"An entertaining event that features various performances on stage from African dancing, oud playing, guitar playing, live cooking shows, popular folk ensembles, to moving acrobatic shows." (Roznamah)

When? March 19-24, 2018 from 4 to 11pm

Where? Khobar Sea Front

Tickets: Can be bought at the event's site.



6. Sky Beach, Jeddah, 15-31 March 

Running through weekends only is this entertaining beach event that will include activities for children, with games and many food choices.

When? March 15-31, 2018 from 5pm to 1am

Where? North Abhor- Prince Abdullah AlFaisal Street

Tickets: Can be bought at the event's site

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