5 Awesome Things Crown Prince MBS Has Been Up To In The Last Month In Case You Were Wondering

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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seems to be getting his hands on just about anything and everything, proving just how much work is being put into the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

In case you were wondering what he has been up to in the last month, then keep on reading..

1. MBS received the British Chancellor of the Exchequer

Two days ago, Crown Prince MBS met with British Chancellor of the Exchequer. They reviewed the two nations' cooperations, specifically in the economic sector and how to develop these.

2. He met with the US envoy to the coalition

In July 5, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with the US envoy to the coalition against ISIS. According to Okaz, the two discussed the recent events taking place in the region.

They also reviewed efforts in securing the strength and stability of the Middle East.

3. Klaus Kleinfeld of Siemends and Alcoa was appointed MBS' adviser on Tuesday

On July 3rd, the former CEO of industrial conglomerate Siemens and aluminum producer Alcoa, Klaus Keinfeld was appointed MBS' adviser. This means he leaves his position as chief executive of NEOM, but will remain a part of its board.

In a report by Gulf News, it was stated that Kleinfeld will be responsible in ensuring the enhancement of Saudi's economic, technological and financial development.

4. Women started driving on June 24, giving Saudis more hope to the reformer's prospective plans

5. He went to Moscow to show support for the World Cup's opening game

In mid-June, the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia was a much-anticipated one. Our Crown Prince showed some support while sitting beside Putin himself.

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