12 Super EXTRA Photos That Will Give You A Peek Into The Extravagance Of Saudi Weddings

So extra!

Saudi Weddings Are Extra

If you thought those highly viral Lebanese weddings are extra then you clearly haven't been to a Saudi one. Recently, our sister page Lovin Dubai featured an Instagram account that gained notoriety for its showcasing of the Arab world's next-level take on extravagant weddings.

But we're here to show you just how extra Saudi weddings can also be.

And we love it.

1. A grand entrance wearing a custom Zuhair Murad wedding gown

What even is our lives?

2. Saudi weddings are so extra they even hire Arab singers to perform

3. Let's not even get started on the guests' outfits

Khaleeji girls dress like they're attending the MET ball for every wedding. That's just how we like it.

4. And the theme's for every couple's hall gets better and better

So fancyyyyy

5. Just your ordinary wedding treats

6. No seriously!

How is this even real?

7. Everyone arrives decked out in Saudi weddings

8. Every detail, flower, table centerpiece is carefully selected

9. Princess vibes!

10. Saudi weddings sometimes even come in more than one hall

11. But it makes sense why these weddings are super extra

12. After all, it is their wedding day

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