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10 FUN Things To Do In Abha That Will Make You Want To Return Every Chance You Get

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If you’re thinking of eccentric new locations in Saudi to truly discover more of its scenic gems, then Abha’s one to consider. Being the capital area of the ‘Asir province gives this spot its beautiful geographic spot.

Abha’s natural landscapes and many sightseeing spots are just one of few reasons why it should be you and your family’s next staycation. Not to mention, the weather’s always balanced and mild.

So why not try doing one or most of these things during your visit to Abha?

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1. Ride a cable car and surf the clouds of skies

People swear by this activity in Abha, it is an absolute must with views of nature from above. You should make sure that places that let you do it aren’t temporarily closed.

The prices range between SAR 50-90 per person/per ride. There are usually three locations you can do it from:

1. Green Mountain to Abha City
2. Souda Mountain
3. Habala

2. Take photos of and at the Abha Dam Lake

The incredible Abha Dam Lake boasts breathtaking views and low weather that goes below 25 degrees. At 11pm, fireworks are set all around the area.

A sight to remember.

3. Visit its National Park

Untouched nature at its finest, the Asir National Park is a great place to relax and unwind.

4. Ravel in the beauty of Shamsan castle

5. Kiddies can also enjoy the Al Salam Park

6. Check out the Habala, The Hanging Village

Built on a cliff and accessible only by roped from above, people lived there until the ’70s, after which it was turned into a tourist destination. You can get there via a cable car ride.

7. Paraglide in Abha and marvel at the beauty from the mountains

8. Check out the souks in Abha

This one below is a photo of the Tuesday souq or Souk Al Tulatha. Lots of goodies you can bring back home.

9. Visit the Rijal Alma Village

10. Check out the lush greenery and flowers of Abha by the Assalam Palace Hotel

Especially during winter.

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