Saudi's Society For Human Rights Condemns The Torture Of A Qatari Pilgrim

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The National Society for Human Rights or NSHR is condemning the violation of human rights, by torturing and beating of Qatari Hamad Abdul Hadi Al-Marri upon his return to Doha from Hajj, as a guest by the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques.

NSHR stated that they've been following Al-Marri's case and have tried to check up on him since he arrived to Doha, but he is not traceable and communication with him is allegedly impossible. 

According to Al Arabiya, Al- Marri has been held incommunicado from his family and lawyers since he returned to Doha. A video of his assault in the desert has also surfaced online. 

"We call on the National Human Rights Committee of the State of Qatar and all international human rights organizations to do their duty to find out the fate of this Qatari citizen and to protect him from attacks and violations that have been committed against him, to ensure his safety and to make sure that he is not subjected to pressure imposed by certain political dictates because of his right to perform Haj and his right to freedom of expression and to ensure that all those who exploited their political power by abusing and torturing him are prosecuted."

NSHR via Saudi Gazette

The attacks is allegedly due to Hamad Al-Marri appearance in a Saudi news channel, showing appreciation the pilgrims received for the services provided by the Kingdom and 

NSHR further mentioned that they will provide organisations for international human rights, to ensure the safety of other Qataris Haj pilgrims by following up on their status, as reported by Saudi Gazette.