BREAKING: Saudi Arabia Condemns U.S. Decision To Recognise Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strongly condemns the announcement by President of the United States Donald Trump, to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocating the United States' embassy to Jerusalem. 

Following a warning on Wednesday given by King Salman bin Abdulaziz that the decision to move embassies could cause a relapse to the peace negotiations between Israeli- Palestinians, the Kingdom denounces this decision, according to official Saudi Press Agency.

According to Saudi Gazette: "The Kingdom expresses it‘s denunciation and deep regret that the administration has taken this step, as it represents a great bias against the historic and permanent rights of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, which have been affirmed by the relevant international resolutions and have been recognised and supported by the international community."

Saudi Press Agency also noted that the Government of KSA is hoping that the U.S. administration will alter this decision, and support the global aim to allow Palestinians to receive their 'rights. The Kingdom also reaffirms how important it is to discover a long-term solution to the Palestinian ordeal that goes in parallel to international resolutions, and the Arab Peace initiative. They added, that this could help fortify and unify the region. 

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