Archaeologists Discovered A Jar With One Of Saudi's Oldest Coins Dating Back From First Century Najran

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An archaeological team in Saudi discovered a pottery jar that contained an abundance of ancient coins, metal seals and stones with inscriptions in the Ancient South Arabian writing called the Musnad, according to Gulf News. One thousand of the items mentioned prior were discovered as announced on Wednesday, and the items date all the way back to the first century. 

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The rare discoveries were seen in the Al Okhdood area in Najran

The items discovered by the team, under the Saudi Commission for Tourism National Heritage (SCTH) shows just the opulence of the Al Okhdood area in the south of Saudi Arabia. It is, without a doubt, one of the most vital sites in the Kingdom as it boasts decades of interesting history under its sand. Al Okhdood is a stone-made castle that is surrounded by a 235-metre long wall and a gate. 

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The inscriptions on the stone tells us that the city dates back to more than 1,500 years 

Archaeologists who discovered the treasures, also saw that there were dried up 'ancient lakes', and a hole that was drilled by the pagan king of Humairi from the time Christiniaty grew. According to historians, people who converted to Christianity then would be burnt inside the whole where the wood and fuel would be, as reported by Gulf News. 

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