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This Just In: Saudi Has A Women’s-Only Hotel That Is Expected To Open Pretty Soon

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Women power, yesssss!

A hotel that’s only for women is expected to open in the northern city of Hail pretty soon, reports Saudi Gazette. But hold up, this isn’t the first time that such an occurrence is taking place in the Kingdom because we’ve got another women’s-only hotel in Riyadh too.

Anyway, this hotel will be managed by an all-female staff from administrators, room-service staff, restaurant staff, security guards, receptionists- the whole shabang!

The hotel will give women absolute privacy given that the entire staff will be all females

The supervisor of the project, Omar Ali, told SG that women customers can be comfortable and indulge in the privacy of the hotel.

The establishment is expected to have more than 25 rooms, apart from the suites that will be especially designed to suit the taste and needs of women.

More than a thousand women have already applied to work at the hotel

Ali also mentioned that the hotel has received a thousand applications from women who are keen on working at the hotel. Other notable mentions of this upcoming hotel are that it’ll include a voicemail and room service that’s available 24 hours a day, with special services for businesswomen.

What a cool idea.

Prices will also not be too far apart from other facilities. The hotel’s idea might soon extend itself to other parts of Saudi.

Who run the world? Girls!

Sorry, the moment really called for this gif.

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