There's No More Stopping For Immigration On The Way To Bahrain And Saudis Are LOVING It

Saudis Bahrain Causeway


This might be the best news Saudi has heard in a while (well, at least for Dammam and Khobar-ians.)

Bahrain recently allowed the entry of Saudi citizens on the causeway without the usual routine border procedures just for the school holidays.

Can you imagine if this was implemented indefinitely?

The reason why Bahrain started allowing Saudis to enter hassle-free...

Due to the rush and delay that was caused by the school holidays in Saudi, more than 300,000 travelers came and left Bahrain in the last few days.

The King Fahd Causeway between the two nations witnessed such a congestion, so much so, that it prompted Bahrain to grant the permission for Saudis to enter its territory through the bridge WITHOUT any procedures.


The King Fahad Causeway Authorities (KFCA) are working on plans to keep improving the flow of traffic between Saudi and Bahrain

According to Saudi Gazette, the authorities in charge of the road linking the two nations stressed its continuous efforts by all departments so as to reduce the waiting hours for people traveling.

If you do want a quicker cross through the bridge, THE KFCA is urging residents to use the KFCA bridge application.

As usual, the Saudi reaction to this was absolutely HILARZ

With many users exclaiming excitement about it, through Twitter and the use of GIFS and videos.

Like, this, for example. Major LOOOOOLS.

"Come on people, let's go to Bahrain!"

One user suggested that it be applied to all other GCC countries

"Perfect! ! This should be to all people in all Gulf countries"

While other users shared their love for Bahrain and how united the two nations have been and still are

"One country"

A whole MOOD after peeps learned of the news

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