There's FREE Parking In Makkah's Paid Parking Areas But Only For A Limited Time


Free Parking Makkah Saudi

Hear ye, hear ye

The Makkah Municipality has announced and specified that motorists get seven FREE minutes in paid parking before they are issued a ticket.

Before you get excited, to specify, that is seven minutes.

So in all this time, you can park in front of that baqala to get whatever the heck you can within the timeframe and leave the 'paid parking' spot before you get charged its rates per hour.

Try not to leave your car for more than seven minutes

...Unless you want to be fined for not paying, that is.

Saudi Gazette confirms that those who leave their vehicles in the paid parking area for longer than the time allowed, will be fined.

There's an employee that is consistent in making rounds in all of these areas and will photograph an offender's vehicle number if that individual hasn't paid.

So basically, we get a leeway and seven minutes is the internationally accepted limit for issuing tickets for violators of parking rules.

Drive safe, kiddos!

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