The SFDA Has Now Banned The Selling Of This Specific Medicine And For Good Reason

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority is also responding to peoples' worries on Twitter.

Saudi Food And Drug Authority Jusprin

The medicine "Jusprin 81 mg" has officially been shelved off by The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) from being sold anywhere due to flaws found, announced SFDA via Twitter on Sunday.

If you or someone you know is currently taking medicine as upkeep, the SFDA has also told health authorities to stop using or prescribing the medication.

The organisation has also shared the report about this online, read it here.

(Image Credits: Twitter @saudi_fda)

Those who are using the medicine should see their doctors

The SFDA is advising patients using the medicine to seek their doctor's advise and be prescribed something else in its place.

Information was received by the SFDA that the Jusprin 81 mg has quality flaws which has now resulted in it being withdrawn from all facilities that sell it.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, you may call the SFDA's call center number: 19999

Peeps who have been using the meds had asked the SFDA a couple of questions

"Okay, what's the alternative?"

To which the SFDA responded, "You can learn about the alternatives through the Tra "We Care" mobile app via the interactive services" icon.

"I have a heart condition and have been using this medicine for three years. What do I do?"

The SFDA's response: "There is no risk, the replacement is purchased or directed to the health side."

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