A Ramadan Competition For The Most Beautiful Adhan Voice Will Get The Chance To Win More Than SAR 3 MILLION

The competition is open to all Muslims.

Ramadan Competition

The media announcement for the General Entertainment Authority's plans on for Saudi this year was on point. But then again, it seems like anything Turki al-Sheikh touches turn to gold.

The former president of the Sports Authority will, from here on forward, handle all entertainment-related events in the Kingdom.

Twitter-sphere was surprised to hear that among the many 2019 plans, there's a competition this coming Ramadan to discover who has the 'most beautiful-sounding' voice when they perform their athan.

(Image Credits: Twitter @gea_sa)

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The one with the 'best voice' can win more than SAR3 million

Oh yes, but the cash prize is rough estimates only (for now.)

No further details have been confirmed about how exactly this competition's going to play out, but most people are all for it.

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The best part is that EVERYONE can participate, not just Saudis

The competition will be open to all Muslims from any country between the ages 25-45 years old.

For more information on this comp, click here.

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