SOON: Aramco Announces Its Very Own Petrol Stations Complete With Upgraded Features

No more need for cash or the petrol attendant!


Who's ready for petrol stations to be owned by Aramco itself?

Well, wait no longer because the oil and gas company itself has announced that the idea will be brought to life-and very soon, at that.

Part of this movement means that Aramco will also create a wholly owned subsidiary called the RetailCo.

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The Aramco fuel stops will include a 'self-service' station

Arabian Business confirms that each of the Aramco stations will be a self-service one, with the option of paying with credit and debit cards.

With all the anomalies surrounding cash payments at petrol stations recently, this might just be a great new addition.

Saudi Aramco will be creating a sustainable and profitable business model for integrating across the hydrocarbon value chain. RetailCo will grow its operations in both the automotive and aviation fuel segments, offering customers enhanced services and quality products while implementing a sustainable and profitable business model that delivers a new and stable source of revenue for Saudi Aramco.

Ahmed Al-Subaey, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Supply Planning at RetailCo.

The focus will be on quality and customer service

In parallel with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, Aramco's petrol station aims to deliver the best service and experience for its customers.

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