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PUBG May Just Get Banned In Saudi Arabia As The Matter Is Expected To Be Taken Up By The Shoura Council

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If you haven’t heard of the game of PUBG yet, well you are probably living under a rock. It is being played everywhere, people are even seen playing the game in offices. So yes, it is pretty addictive and extremely popular.

It has been already banned in Nepal, Iraq and Jordan and now it may just get banned in Saudi Arabia as well.

According to Independent Arabia, the Saudi Shoura Council will be holding a debate on whether to ban the game.

This comes after several complaints relating to the game were received.

However, before the debate on PUBG is taken up by the Shoura Council it will most likely have to come through the executive authorities.

PUBG has been criticized by several experts.

Saudi social worker and family consultant Safaa Al Omair told Sabq that “PUBG is a violent game that makes people prone to evil and violent thoughts. It can also lead some to develop aggressive behaviours and actions, including murder.”

To counter that PUBG has been sending out “health reminders” to gamers after long sessions to stop them. They are also locking out users for a while after several hours of continuous play.

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