A Couple Of Specific Work Regulations Have Been Set In Place For Saudi Women And They're Quite Considerate

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Thanks to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD), Saudi women will now get to reap the benefits of explicitly aimed for them.

Since it is the MLSD's initiative to extend more work opportunities for women, a couple of new changes to the labour law regarding Saudi female employees will be rolled out.

It is quite a considerate move from the government to consider that most of these new employees will have worked for the very first time, allowing them a great chance to feeling at ease in the workplace.

(Image Credits: Twitter @spagov)

Some of these new changes include:

  • Female employees must have private toilets in the workplace
  • They must be provided a proper place to pray and rest
  • Working hours for women ends latest by 11pm (in some cases), while those in industrial fields will only work until 6pm
  • Separate work areas or counters for women

So if you or someone you know's about to start working, let them know what to expect by going over this document by the Ministry.

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