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Holders Of Permanent Premium Iqamas Can Live In Saudi For 60 Days After The Cancellation Of Their Permits

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Over the past month or so we have seen so many developments on this new residency scheme. We reported yesterday on how applications for the premium residency scheme are open and today we got new news about it for you.

According to the Saudi Gazette, holders of the permanent premium residency cards will be allowed to stay for 60 days after the cancellation of their residency permits.

What’s important to note here is that it talks about the cancellation of premium residency permits.

Now, we are not sure about what can lead to cancellation.

We also have some new info on services that won’t be accessible to holders of this permit, unlike Saudis.

Holders of the premium residency won’t have the right to travel to any GCC country visa-free nor will they have any special privileges when applying to public schools and universities.


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