Good News: The Government Will Start Paying Out Cash To Companies That Hire Saudis

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This recent development can be a game changer.

In its efforts to curb unemployment in the country, the Labor and Social Development Ministry has made an interesting announcement this week in Riyadh. In his address, Arab News reported that Saudi Minister Ahmad Al-Rajhi said that the government will contribute to the wages of Saudis working in the private sector.

Al-Rajhi added that the program “was aimed at improving skills and readying the Kingdom’s population for the future.”

Till now we only have a few details on the program one of which is that only those whose salary ranges from SAR 4,000 to SAR 10,000 will be eligible for the cash incentive.

The move is one of the several initiatives taken by the ministry to make Saudis more attractive in the private sector job market.

In recent months several expat-dominated sectors have been nationalized which opened a dearth of opportunities for young Saudis.