A Multi-Billion Dollar Leisure Park In Riyadh Is The First Of Many Planned To Open Across The City

First Leisure Park Riyadh

Holla holla!

Riyadh is about to witness WAAAY more, like so MUCH more for the entertainment industry as the Kingdom pushes this sector in line with the Vision 2030.

A new massive complex is currently being planned for the Kingdom's capital city as part of a multibillion-dollar drive.

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Saudi Entertainment Ventures Company (SEVEN) will launch a 100,000-square-meter project

The Saudi Entertainment Ventures Company is part of Saudi's Public Investment Fund, reports Arab News.

The design is set to be the first of its kind, a modern one with lots of greenery and huge open areas that'll make way for all the sports and leisure activities as well as live performances.

The area is part of many more plans for similar spaces in these major cities

According to the company's chairman, Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawoud, these leisure parks are being set-up for families in Saudi to be able 'to enjoy picnics, promote a healthy living through exercise and get some fresh air.'

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