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Expat Fees Are Still Being Reviewed And Will Continue This Way Says The Minister Of Commerce

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A lot of the expats still wonder if those expat fees introduced but a year ago will still stay in 2019 and beyond.

Well look no further, for the final answer from the Minister of Commerce and Investment Majid Al-Qassabi himself has come.

A completed study has been conducted by the Commerce and Investment teams in Saudi, all to review the whole ‘expat fees’ scenario.

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A more intricate decision will be made within a month

In a special report by Saudi Gazette, it was announced that the study recently conducted on expat fees will be shown to the Council of Ministers.

The study will look into the pros and cons that the issue could bring and will decide on an appropriate decision- within a MONTH.

The study benefits the country and our nation.The government had decided to keep the fees and that the decision is fixed so far, but at the same time it will be comprehensively studied and developments will be reviewed.

Majid Al-Qassabi, The Minister of Commerce and Investment

There have been mixed feedback on the expat fees, so far

In a press conference just a week ago, the Kingdom’s Finance Minister Al-Jadaan said that there is no intention to change the expat fees.

The expat fees were introduced last year, wherein expats’ sponsors will have to pay a monthly levy that ranges between 300 and 400 Saudi riyals.

The ministry announced a year ago that the levy will be paid by private sector companies and it aims to replace foreign laborers with locals.

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