YAAAS! EXO's Promo Video Is On Repeat In The World's Biggest Curved Screen And It's All Thanks To Saudi Fans

The day has come, EXOLs.

Exo In Saudis Biggest Curved Screen In The World

Two thousand nineteen has defo kicked off with a bang, especially for a huge legion of the best fan army, that is EXO's fanbase.

Following a special project introduced by the Saudi fans of the Korean boy band EXO, a promotional video of the band will now be played at the Venus screen in Jeddah.

That's the biggest curved screen in the entire world, btw.

The unveiling of EXO in Saudi Arabia (as we know it)

This is such a huge deal, and the first for any Korean pop artist/group to be promoted on the largest curved screen in the world and one that is in Saudi.

#visualartsexoxksaday1even turned into a trending hashtag on Twitter

In case, you couldn't feel the magnitude and the level of fandom that the Korean boy band can bring to the table.

Check out the hashtag on the collaboration that celebrates the release of the video advertisement, that will last on screen for the next three days.

'EXO is ending the year on the biggest curved screen in the world'

Fans are getting super emotional

...seeing as this is the first time that a Korean pop band has ever made it on a big screen in Saudi Arabia.

'Finally, after planning it for months- it happened...'

'Arab fans promoting EXO way better than SM Town itself'

'I thought you all would put up a song and call it a day'

'How can I be more proud of this fandom?'

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