After The Shoura Council, The Privileged Iqama Scheme Now Gets Approved By The Saudi Cabinet


Everyone in the country is watching updates closely on the Privileged Iqama with so much eagerness that it is hard to find an iftar party in which it is not being discussed.

Guess what? We’ve got updates on it so you can add your bit to the iftar talks on the American Green Card-like residency program that’s coming to Saudi.

According to the Arab News, the kingdom’s cabinet approved the “Privileged Iqama” residency scheme on Tuesday.

This comes just a few days after the scheme was approved by the Shoura Council.

The Privileged Iqama is mainly aimed at affluent foreigners and investors. Holders of this residency permit won’t even require a sponsor nor require an exit and re-entry visa every time they leave the country.