A Text Message Will Now Notify Women In The Kingdom About A Life-Changing Decision Starting Today

Yes to convenience, please.

Text Nmessage Divorce Saudi Women

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, Saudi's Ministry of Justice surprises you with the news about how women will receive their requested marital status via a text message.


According to the Saudi Gazette, a text message (starting today) will now notify married women through SMS about a change in their social status, in the case of a divorce request being granted and other.

Women will also have access to documents related to the divorce process

New directives, as such, have been implemented by the Minister of Justice and President of the Supreme Judiciary Council Dr. Walid Al-Samaani.

This new system will allow women to have access to documents related to the termination of their marriage contracts through the ministry's online portal.

How it works

If the individual has their phone number registered through the Kingdom's Absher system, everything else is pretty much simpler. The courts will immediately notify women to their registered numbers following a divorce decree issued by the court.

The text message will include a specific number of the divorce document and the court that had it issued.

Women can also inquire about their marital status through another portal

Thank you, all things digital.

Life has become so much more convenient, especially with the Kingdom's aims to promote the the digital transformation in the ministry.

Women can also check on their marital status through another online portal called Najiz. Anyone with direct concerns can contact the women's section of the court too.

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