A SHOCKING Footage In Ha'il Shows How A Petrol Attendant Was Kidnapped And Robbed

Petrol Attendant In Hail Kidnapped

A footage caught the kidnapping of a petrol pump attendant in Ha'il and the video has since been shared on Instagram with more than 6,000 views.

According to The Khaleej Times, a petrol attendant was forced into a vehicle by a man and two other accomplices where they then stoled SAR 5,000 from the attendant.

The kidnappers stole his phone, SAR 5,000 and then dropped him off on a roadside

The date of the incident has yet to be announced, however; we do know that the kidnappers arrived to the station to 'fill' up their petrol. As the worker proceeded to fuel pump, a man from the backseat of the vehicle tried to pull the worker in.

Despite the victim's efforts to resist being put in the car, an accomplice aided in pulling him into the car and then escaped.