An Incredible Saudi Woman Built A Mosque From Saving Her Late Spouse's Pension Salary For Thirty Years


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People all over social media are in tears from the story of a sweet Saudi woman, showing us all over again what real love truly means. The woman saved most of her late husband's retirement salary for thirty years and built a mosque in his name.

She saved up all that money to build a mosque in his name

According to The Khaleej Times, the woman's son took this photo of his mother standing inside the newly-built mosque and posted it on Twitter. Only minutes after posting the photos, with the caption, "How great are you, mother... she never enjoyed my late father's modest retirement salary. She spent 30 years saving it up one riyal at a time until she built a mosque in my father's name. May he rest in peace and be granted a place in heaven. We belong to God and to him we return."

Social media users were in awe and praised the act of love

"Masha Allah. May God bring them together in paradise one day."

"May God reward her well and bless her husband."

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